The Designer


An ardent ‘people watcher’ for many years, Ishana was always interested in the story behind someone or something and this is how LABEL ISHANA was born.

Ishana’s road to becoming a designer is rather different from most. After graduating from Georgetown University, Ishana worked as a recruiter in financial services for a number of years before moving to India and realizing that fashion is really her true calling. Born in Delhi and having lived in Sydney, New York, Hong Kong and Kolkata, Ishana is now based in Singapore. She is a bit of a wanderer and it is this story of being a dreamer and a doer, momentous yet constant, bold yet vulnerable that Ishana wishes to share through LABEL ISHANA.

When she visited the weaving and embroidery belts in Bengal, Ishana realized that there is a story to be told here and these craftsmen need a voice. And so it began, she started designing simple silhouettes for the ‘girl on the move’. Without any formal training in design or fashion, Ishana launched her debut collection at the India Story in 2016 to an overwhelmingly encouraging response.

LABEL ISHANA is the manifestation of Ishana’s many travels, her adoration for all the strong women in her life, her quest to find the perfect balance, her fascination with the generations of weavers and karigars in Bengal, her respect and curiosity for their craft and her pure love for fashion. With this label, Ishana hopes to tell their story and through their work, her’s too.